Listen: The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing

Listen: The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing

Friday 10th June, 2016 12:52PM

Last month The Stone Roses lifted the lid off their first new song in 21 years, 'All For One', to a bit of a lukewarm reception. But now the Rose have proved they've still got the chops with their anthemic new single 'Beautiful Thing', a track more in line with what fans might expect from iconic English outfit. Take a listen below...

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They're back!
Posted by CeeJay - anonymous 3 months ago
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all for one was dreadful but this song gives me hope the Roses new album is going to be a return to form and not a desecration of their legacy and fanlove, after 21 years the alchemy between the 4 seems still strong, they can craft tunes beautiful tunes, it sounds a bit like Cant See Me on Unfinished Monkey Business
Posted by pedro - anonymous 3 months ago

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