Shayne P Carter Announces 'Offsider' Album Release Tour

Shayne P Carter Announces 'Offsider' Album Release Tour

Friday 15th July, 2016 3:45PM

In anticipation of releasing his new album, Shayne P Carter has announced four shows around the country for August. Titled Offsider, the forthcoming record sees Carter put down his guitar in favour of stepping to a piano - an instrument he claims to have never played before in his life, but judging from lead single 'We Will Rise Again' the record will be a lush, textural journey and one we are looking forward to. More details on the album release are to come, but in the meantime here is the tour information...

Shayne P Carter and Band

Thursday 18th August, The Tuning Fork, Auckland
Friday 19th August, Bar Bodega, Wellington
Friday 26th August, Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Saturday 27th August, The Cook, Dunedin

Tickets available now from HERE at UTR except Auckland which will go on sale next week from Ticketmaster.

Soak up 'We Will Rise Again' right here...


Shayne P Carter and Band on Tour in NZ August 2016
Shayne is about to release a long-awaited new album of piano based songs called Offsider.

Shayne comments:
My band still includes two of my longtime Dimmer cohorts - trusted lieutenant Gary Sullivan on drums and guitarist James Duncan who's moved over to bass in our new three piece format. On The Offsider: I like the title cos it seems to suggest being out of step or out of kilter with the times which it probably is. I decided to write the songs on piano - despite having never played the instrument before in my life - because I liked the idea of naivety and discovery and having a new angle on songwriting after so many years doing it.

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Indeed naive melancholic keys add a great atonal texture

Posted by Marianne Allen - anonymous 2 months ago

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