Stream Diana Tribute's New Album 'Red Biennial'

Stream Diana Tribute's New Album 'Red Biennial'

Monday 18th July, 2016 1:41PM

Auckland's Diana Tribute have emerged out of the blue with new eight-track album Red Biennial. The group (which counts musicians from GPOGP, Sharpie Crows and Civil Union amongst its members) have also employed the efforts of a swathe of guest vocalists including Ron Gallipoli, Human #22 and Nooseman Joe to grace the album. The surprise album has been unveiled on the Diana Tribute Bandcamp page with pre-order polycarbonate pressings also up for grabs. Listen below and then head over to get your own copy...

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Human #22 is from Christchurch: specifically, Christchurch band The Dance Asthmatics
Posted by DeepNet - anonymous 2 months ago

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