BoredSound Reveal Location Of This Weekend's Super-Duper Secret Party

BoredSound Reveal Location Of This Weekend's Super-Duper Secret Party

Friday 4th November, 2016 12:46PM

Ever since BoredSound's Rory Dunne let us know about their Super-Duper Secret Party we've been trying to guess where in heck it could be. The show, which takes place this Saturday, features a killer line-up of sere, Magic Factory, Her Desher, Greenfog as well as a special appearance from Wellington outfit Earth Tongue - along with a whole bunch of non-music related shenanigans planned to place. UTR contributor Fluffy sat down for a chat with Rory and his partner-in-crime Jr Chile about the party and they finally let the cat out of the bag... 

So, give us some background. Whatís the buzz with Boredsound and whatís the buzz with this show?

R: The buzz with Boredsound is, I personally see it as an extension of Worn Out. It enables us to do things that Worn Out is either unable or unwilling to do. Weíre more open to sponsorship and more styles of shows and weíre a bit more professional.

J: Worn Out is DIY in the sense were we cant invest in it. It just relies on door sales and volunteers, where as weíre wanting to invest in bigger shows and bigger production value. My ambition is to make this my livelihood.

R: And the only way to do that is to go a bit bigger. You canít support a family off DIY shows.

Where in the world is this show on the weekend?

R: Thatís the question everybodyís asking. Itís at 44 George St in Kingsland/Mt Eden [see the photo below!!!].

J: And now that weíve told you, since we have your details from buying a ticket, we will find you and we will kill you.


R: So ticket sales will be open until 10pm on Friday.

J: Get a ticket.

R: Get a ticket or itís going to cost you $15 on the door. Which is still a very good price; six bands andÖ

I hear there are some goodies included in the ticket prices. Tell us about that.

J: We are very lucky to have the wonderful people at Epic Beer and Sals Pizza hook us up hard because they believe in what we are doing. Theyíre f**kiní awesome and we believe in their product three hundred and sixty per cent.

R: Thereís also some delicious wine.

Tell us about the non-musical aspects of the soiree?

R: Weíre gonna have some tattoo artists display some art at the show. I think theyíll be on sale. Thereís also going to be some skating. Anyone is more then welcome to come along with their board.

Finally, whatís your hot pick for the festivities, band-wise?

R: It shouldnít be easy for me to pick but it is. Itís Earth Tongue. Last time they came up, they were dope. I really like their sound. Sang I donít know very well and Iím pretty interested in seeing what their buzz is. Anyone that supported sere is probably gonna be pretty cool. I think they were picked by Grant Sheridan [of sere] to support them and heís got impeccable music taste. My pick for the whole evening is gonna be pizza. Thatís the number one.

Pick up your tickets to the Super-Duper Secret Party over here

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