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Mzwetwo Releases Sleek New Video For 'Young Stunna'

Mzwetwo Releases Sleek New Video For 'Young Stunna'

Friday 24th March, 2017 10:35AM

Auckland rapper Mzwtwo has dropped a fresh video for his Kanye-esque joint titled 'Young Stunna'. The aesthetic-heavy video features the rapper and his crew donning Auckland mainstay fashion brands Zambesi and Stolen Girlfriends while performing in various locales including a smokey warehouse in front of a suspended lightning bolt sculpture.

The artist, formerly known as Loui The Zu, explained in a statement some of the influences behind the visuals as well as his artistic name change: I started making music under my own name because I needed to decide who I wanted to be as an artist. I needed to discover what I liked; what I didnt like; what I wanted to achieve. I realized that I loved rap and I loved rock n roll and thats what Mzwtwo is about for me bringing those two worlds together". This marriage of subcultures can be seen in projections of The Ramones in the background of the occasional shot, as well as on his punk-and-metal patched coat.

Check out the glossy clip below


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