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Premiere: Donít Sleep On Master Blasterís Frantic EP ĎPass Outí (+ Interview)

Premiere: Donít Sleep On Master Blasterís Frantic EP ĎPass Outí (+ Interview)

Friday 16th June, 2017 11:00AM

Rambunctious hardcore punk foursome Master Blaster are rolling out their rabid new EP titled Pass Out. Staying true to the furious tradition of their back-catalogue, the six tracks combined clock in at just shy of seven minutes and continue in a similar livid fashion as stellar first single ĎTo All My Friendsí. To get the lowdown on the ins-and-outs of the EP (as well as the their imminent European tour) we sat down with vocalist Justin and bassist Tom to shoot the breeze. Stream the EP below and keep scrolling to read the interviewÖ


UTR: Which masters is it that youíre blasting with your thundering tunes?

The name was taken from the despotic rulers of Bartertown in the post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. But also alludes to the overthrow of all humanity's masters, elites, tyrants, rulers etc...

Tell us a little about the buzz of your latest EP, Pass Out. What are some lyrical themes, where was it recorded and by who?

Our bass bludgeoner Tom "T.A." Anderson recorded this EP in Auckland and it was mixed by our London-based pal Tim Shann. The lyrical themes deal with self medication, fascist bosses, nuclear war, ennui, scene politics, crushing self doubt with a healthy dose of humour and fury.

So, youíre about to head out on your European tour. Give us the lowdown on your adventure itinerary.

We're still adding dates but as it stands we have confirmed 13 shows (if you are reading this in Europe get in touch if you can help out filling any of the TBCs!)

Youíre playing the hectic grind-Mecca that is Obscene Extreme festival. Howíd you suss out that? 

We emailed the booker expressing interest, they replied with... "Fucking good live shows! Like it! I hope you can play even faster at OEF haha!" ... and that was that! 

The video for ĎTo All My FriendsĒ was a hilarious nod to Weekend At Bernieís. What about that film resonated with you to make you want to pay homage?

As a huge fan of 80s comedies I thought the movie and song juxtaposed well. One being about two pieces of shit conning their way into the heart of an elites beach town, the other feeling so shit you want to pass out.

If you're reading this from Europe head over here to check out Master Blaster's tour dates 


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