Video: Lana Del Ray - National Anthem (Starring A$AP Rocky)

Video: Lana Del Ray - National Anthem (Starring A$AP Rocky)

Thursday, 28th June 2012 9:15AM

Lana Del Ray is arguably never as good as when she's collaborating. First it was Bobby Womack's 'Dayglo Reflection' which gave her a bunch of credibility, and now it's a collaborative video with A$AP Rocky, in which Lana Del Ray plays Jacquie O and A$AP Rocky becomes a pseudo JFK. There are some cringe moments: when Lana Del Ray catches a kiss in the palm or her hand, or when, replete with terrible acting skills, she tries to meaningfully engage with the camera to name but two, but directed by Anthony Mandler it's a lovely, vintage home-video style short film. Check it out below.

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