Aerosmith Announced To Play Dunedin In April

Aerosmith Announced To Play Dunedin In April

Monday 25th February, 2013 9:16AM

Aging rockers Aerosmith have been announced to play a one off New Zealand show in April. For once though the show isn't in Auckland but Dunedin and Aerosmith will be joined by Australian rockers Wolfmother along with locals Head Like A Hole and Diva Demolition & The Dead Daisies. Here are the show details...

Wednesday 24th April, Forsyth Bar Stadium, Dunedin

Presale starts this Wednesday - see below for more details - here are a couple of their classic clips...

'Cryin' staring Alicia Silverstone and Stephen Dorff...

Aerosmith joining RUN DMC on 'Walk This Way'...

Press Release:




April’s about to get a whole lot louder with the news that Aerosmith play in New Zealand for the very first time!

McManus Entertainment is excited to announce that legendary rockers Aerosmith will play Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium on Wednesday, 24th April with a stellar line-up of special guests, including Wolfmother, The Dead Daisies, Diva Demolition and Head Like a Hole.

Promoter Andrew McManus says; “I’m thrilled to bring Aerosmith to New Zealand. They are one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the world and I can’t wait for them to rock out with their loyal Kiwi fans. We have created a super show in Dunedin, with a cracking line-up of New Zealand and Australian bands joining Aerosmith on stage! You really don’t wanna miss a thing!”

Legends. Icons. Idols. These are the words used to describe those rare bands that have been adored for a lifetime and immortalised as distinct creators of rock and roll. The band members are legends, icons and idols, dynamic in the present; as cool and innovative now as they were thirty years ago. They are a phenomenon, a force of nature, trail-blazing, unstoppable and show no signs of slowing down.

With Steven Tyler on vocals, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford on guitars, Tom Hamilton on bass, and Joey Kramer on drums, they’ve outdone the trends and fads of rock and roll to become one of the most powerful and electrifying forces in popular music.

Aerosmith emerged in the early ‘70s with a sexy swagger and thrusts of metal and glam, creating quintessential power ballads such as Dream On. A string of gold and platinum albums followed including Get Your Wings, Toys In The Attic and Rocks.

In 1986 Steven Tyler and Joe Perry appeared on Run DMC’s cover of Walk This Way introducing the band to a new generation of fans. Aerosmith returned to the charts in the late ‘80s with smash hits like Dude Looks Like a Lady, Rag Doll, Angel, Love In An Elevator and Grammy Award-winning Janie’s Got a Gun. The band were a driving force of the video medium, leading the look, style and attitude of the ‘80s MTV generation. Their videos are classics and Aerosmith continued to make cutting edge videos throughout their career.

1993’s Get a Grip was the band’s first album to debut at number one on the Billboard charts and reached number three on the Australian album chart. The album featured two Grammy Award-winning singles, Livin’ On The Edge and Crazy. This was followed up by another number one album in 1997, Nine Lives, featuring the hit single Pink which saw them win their fourth Grammy Award. In 1998 Aerosmith released the huge worldwide smash hit I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing from the film Armageddon starring Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv. This reached number one all over the world including the US and New Zealand. The song was nominated for an Academy Award and opened the band up to another new generation of fans.

In 2001 Aerosmith were inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” and were included in both Rolling Stone’s and VH1’s lists of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”.

The band continued to release albums and tour throughout the 2000’s as well as release solo albums and pursue solo projects. In 2012, Aerosmith released their 15th studio album, Music From Another Dimension! and kicked off their “Global Warming” tour which will see them play to Australian fans in April and May.

Aerosmith have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, won more than 30 awards including four Grammy Awards and are the best-selling American rock band of all time. They also hold the record for the most gold and multi-platinum albums by an American group. With such an unstoppable passion for creating great music, a unique creative vision and an unyielding appreciation for their fans, there are no limits to what the future holds for Aerosmith.

Joining Aerosmith in Dunedin is Grammy and ARIA album of the year award winners, Wolfmother. They are coming out of recording hiatus to perform exclusively with Aerosmith. Forming in the early noughties, Wolfmother released their self-titled debut album in October 2005 resulting in close to two million sales worldwide, shows all over the world, multiple ARIA Awards and a Grammy including numerous performance accolades with icons including Jimmy Page & AC/DC to Lenny Kravitz requesting Wolfmother as guests.

Following a brief hiatus, the band returned in 2009 with a fresh line-up and the band’s sophomore album “Cosmic Egg” debuting in the upper echelons of charts in over 13 countries including Australia, USA, UK, Canada and Denmark. "Cosmic Egg” also saw the inclusion of many of it's songs included within a variety of major films. Wolfmother recently completed a sold out headline and festival tour across Europe and the UK and have since been hard at work writing and recording their third album due for release in 2013.

The Dead Daisies feature New Zealand-born former INXS frontman Jon Stevens on vocals and Ian Moss of Cold Chisel and David Lowy on guitar. Jon Stevens is one of Australasia’s most popular and respected singers. He has had a remarkable career; from lead singer of rock band Noiseworks to successful solo artist. Jon and David first met in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2012 that they started writing songs together. With a mutual love of classic late ‘70s and early ‘80s rock and soul, The Dead Daisies were born. “Bad Company meets Foreigner via The Faces kind of vibe, big choruses, powerful melodies and strong hooks,” says Jon. As the guitarist and occasional lead singer of Cold Chisel, Moss recorded eight albums in ten years, three of which were No. one national hits. His solo career began with a No. one album and single and five ARIA Awards.

Diva Demolition and Wellington rabble rousers Head Like a Hole complete the line-up.

Get in quick, coz you don’t want to miss a thing...

All tickets go on sale from 9am on Monday 4th March with TicketDirect and exclusive packages available from

VISA Pre Sale starts Wednesday, 27th February at 9am

Travel and accommodation packages will be available from Air New Zealand Holidays from Friday, 1st March.

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user image
WTF. We finally get a REALLY FAMOUS top band come to NZ.
What the hell are these promoters thinking?
Theres a lot of VERY PISSED OFF Aerosmith Fans I can tell you.
Get with the play you clowns.

I will probably fly to Sydney and see them there with my Son. (He lives there)
But a lot of people can't afford to do that, or get to Dunedin. (Good Grief!)

I wonder if Aerosmith themselves know that 90 percent of NZ population lives in the North Island, especially in Auckland.
I bet they have absolutely NO idea how many Aerosmith Fans these promoters are pissing off. Grrr!!!! again!!!
Posted by Name Ross Sakey - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
get over it you greedy buggers all the top acts always go to Auckland. good on the promoters for bringing such an awesome act too the south island. there is more to New Zealand south of the Bombay hills, we deserve a big act down here. when the foo fighters did the benefit concert for the Christchurch earthquake was it down here, NO once again Auckland had the concert and we couldn't afford to go all the way up there.
Posted by Name - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
Ummm. AK -> DUD flights are pretty cheap...if you'd rather fly to Sydney to see them that's your own choice. When AK scores all the big shows you don't hear DUDites (and the rest of the country) complaining about getting up there, now that the shoe is on the other foot, you should probably get over it!
Posted by Name Mandroid - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
Funny to read the above comment given that us non-arrogant South Islanders never complain how far we have to travel and how much money we spend to get to a decent concert which is always in the north island. Bout time the Mainland was recognised and that life does exist beyond the Bombay Hills. Well done concert organisers you will be well supported!!!!
Posted by Name - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
I've spent mega bucks over the last 25 years getting from the Deep South to Auckland for concerts, so it's great to have one within a reasonable drive. If you are a true fan, you always make the effort.
Posted by Name - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
Th Dunedin organisers were very smart choosing to have Aerosmith in their new 40,000 seat venue, and nowhere else in NZ. A band that only people from NZ that have travelled to see them live, would have seen them live, and would travel again. It will be huge for the city, and will help justify having a huge stadium in a relatively small town. In another interview that i read, Steven Tyler also said that part of why they are doing the South Island is because his daughter Liv told him how beautiful it is down those ways from her LOTR experiences. North Islanders should make a journey of it, and check out the deep south while they are down, it looks like that is what Aerosmith will be doing.
Posted by Jamie - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
As a former Dunedinite now resident in the North Island I'm absoutely thrilled to see such an impressive gig playing in my old home town. Hopefully this helps you guys out with the Stadium budget deficit!
Posted by Moral Turpitude - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
Feel better Ross? Harder up mate
Posted by Name - anonymous 3 years ago
user image
This was the concert of a lifetime. A very awesome performance.
Posted by HD - anonymous 3 years ago

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