Skeptics Documentary 'Sheen of Gold' To Premiere at NZIFF

Skeptics Documentary 'Sheen of Gold' To Premiere at NZIFF

Thursday 30th May, 2013 10:05AM

Earlier this month we streamed an album from the legendary band the Skeptics. We indicated at the time that a documentary about the band was in the works and it has now been announced that the documentary, titled 'Sheen of Gold', will premiere at the New Zealand International Film Festival this year. Directed by Simon Ogston of Bellbird Pictures, here is the trailer for the film which should screen nationwide as part of the festival...

Also, a Wellington screening of footage from Skeptics' final show at Auckland venue the Gluepot in 1990, which also features in the documentary, has been announced. It will take place on June 21st at the Paramount with both Simon Ogston and Bob Sutton (who shot the Gluepot footage) speaking.

UPDATE: Flying Nun have also confirmed the re-release of Skeptics' entire back catalogue starting with III and Amalgam due in August.

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Freaking SWEET
June. June, June, July, August.
Posted by Matthew - anonymous 3 years ago
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Aa hahahh.....I am beside myself with excitement for this one!!!
Posted by jacinda - anonymous 3 years ago
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Yes, yes, yes.
Posted by Yes - anonymous 3 years ago
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Onyouse! Skeptics deserve the cred for opening New Zealand's sonic horizons wide open. Divine Muscles Flex!
Posted by David Geary - anonymous 3 years ago

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