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Interview: Kody Nielson

Interview: Kody Nielson

Monday 15th July, 2013 9:15AM

Back when The Mint Chicks were a thing (RIP), Kody Nielson gained reputation for being less than amiable to work with, what with all the fights, smashing of gear, kidnapping and the like. It makes sense then, that when we asked him to explain each track off of his latest solo album, Devils, he simply provided the dictionary definitions of their titles. Precocious and annoying? Yes. But we tolerate it because his sonic accomplishments are phenomenal and this latest release is no exception.

Check out Nielson's "explanations" for each track from 'Devils' - and listen to them - over here.

Kody Nielson is playing Converse's 'Get Loud' event with The Raw Nerves this Thursday, July 18th. Head over here for more information about this show.


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