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Video: Kirin J Callinan - Victoria M

Video: Kirin J Callinan - Victoria M

Friday 19th July, 2013 11:01AM

This video was released a little while ago but it's so cray (which, when you consider that it's a Kirin J Callinan video isn't surprising at all) we had to share it with you. The video, directed by Kirin himself, features Kirin playing a myriad random people (alter egos?) including an eighties glamazon, an absolute creep-of-a-keyboard player (or is this the only time he's actually playing himself?) and a professor, among others, against a plethora of epileptic fit-inducing backdrops. Enough describing, watch it OK. In other news Kirin J Callinan has just been photographed by Saint Laurent creative director and photographer of musicians Hedi Slimane and you can take a look at those shots over here.


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