Listen: Gary Numan - I Am Dust

Listen: Gary Numan - I Am Dust

Friday 2nd August, 2013 9:15AM

In May 2011 Gary Numan performed a one-off show in Auckland as part of his celebrations for the 30th anniversary of his seminal album, The Pleasure Principle, and everyone who attended that show (photos here and our interview here) can attest to the inimitable nature of the man. This week Numan has announced he will release his twentieth studio album, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) this October, and has shared the first single. Called 'I Am Dust' it's both emotional and industrial (in Numan's hands these two things are no longer antonyms), and you can check it out below.

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Ok Numanoid here for 30 years or so...not sure its sounds contrived...what i mean by that is it so far removed from traditional Numan no I not living is the past its way to industrial the first riff reminded me of a band called SPK just don't know. sorry Gary
Posted by Katherine - anonymous 3 years ago

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