Listen: Literal Fuck - #giveintome

Listen: Literal Fuck - #giveintome

Thursday 23rd January, 2014 5:50PM

Literal Fuck is the new, collaborative project between Dear Time's Waste's Claire Duncan and Auckland videographer Veronica Crockford-Pound. It's a Michael Jackson cover band which, in their own words "is the result of endless nights singing MJ karaoke, dancing to Dangerous in the bedroom and poring over image search engines seeking out the most obscure and strange MJ shots throughout history". They look and sound both very much like Michael Jackson and like something else altogether; something more feminine, something sassier (if being sassier than Michael Jackson is possible), and the band's moniker, as well as the hashtagged song title suggest Literal Fuck are writing some layers into their cover work #meta. Have a listen to their version of 'Give In To Me', #giveintome, below and if you're headed to Laneway on Monday you can catch them in the Thunderdome.

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