Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe Double Headline Tour Announced

Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe Double Headline Tour Announced

Friday 24th January, 2014 9:22AM

A previously unimaginable double headline tour has just been announced that will see 80s hair-metallers Skid Row (sans Sebastian Bach) join forces with 90s rock band Ugly Kid Joe. Both bands produced a number of big singles in their respective eras which they'll no doubt treat fans to on their three date tour of the country in April. Here are the tour details, followed by a couple of those singles...

Ugly Kid Joe and Skid Row

Thursday 17th April, The Powerstation, Auckland
Saturday 19th April, Churchills Live, Christchurch
Monday 21st April, James Cabaret, Wellington

Tickets on sale 9am Wed 29th Jan from Ticketmaster for Auckland and HERE at UTR for Christchurch and Wellington.

Skid Row - 18 and Life

Ugly Kid Joe - 'Cats in The Cradle'

Press Release:


ODR Productions are thrilled to announce Ugly Kid Joe & Skid Row will be bringing, for the first ever time, their multi-national sell out tour to New Zealand in April 2014.

Ugly Kid Joe & Skid Row

Thursday 17 April
The Powerstation, Auckland

Saturday 19 April
Churchills Live, Christchurch

Monday 21 April
James Cabaret, Wellington

With combined sales of millions of albums, each band will play a full set of the songs fans want to hear. The current tour is boasting sold out shows across twelve countries, New Zealand will no doubt prove to be lucky thirteen!

UGLY KID JOE’s Whit, Klaus and Cordell, along with Snot/ Sevendust guitarist Sonny Mayo and Zac Morris are back for their first New Zealand tour ever. Stairway To Hell, their first new music since 1996, will be released to coincide with the tour. The album features six brand new songs along with three acoustic versions of songs from their past. A special added bonus is a dvd of the band’s triumphant performance at England’s Download Festival from Summer 2012. Tracks like “Everything About You”, “Cats In The Cradle”, “Neighbour” and “Milkman’s Son” continue to receive airplay around the world, while new singles “Devil’s Paradise” and “I’m Alright” show where the band are headed.

Lead by founding members Rachel Bolan, Snake Sabo, Scotti Hill, new drummer Rob Hammersmith along with powerhouse vocalist & fourteen year veteran of the band Johnny Solinger, SKID ROW will deliver the best from their catalogue of gold and platinum selling albums and anthemic singles like “Youth Gone Wild”, “Monkey Business”, “I Remember You”, “18 & Life” , “Slave To The Grind” and many more. They will also showcase tracks from their new mini-album United World Rebellion Chapter 1 which features songs such as “Kings Of Demolition” and “This Is Killing Me”, tracks which easily stand up along with the band’s classics.

Be sure to grab tickets quick and not miss this epic double billing from two of the worlds longest lasting names in rock!

Limited tickets available Wednesday 29 January &

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How much for wellington
Posted by blair - anonymous 2 years ago
user image
$65 + bf
Posted by odrproductions 2 years ago
user image
How much for wellington? I want to buy 4 tickets. .

Posted by dexter ortega dorado - anonymous 2 years ago
user image
All shows are $65 + BF
Posted by odrproductions 2 years ago
user image
is it all ages? or R18?
Posted by upto? - anonymous 2 years ago
user image
Is there a meet and greet package? Ive bee waiting for 23 yrs to meet these guys!
Posted by Rodino - anonymous 2 years ago
user image
what does BF stand for ?
Posted by anonymous - anonymous 2 years ago
user image
Booking Fee
Posted by brett - anonymous 2 years ago
user image
Is Sabastian Bach still singer for skid row?
Posted by AJ - anonymous 2 years ago
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Skid row has not had one single hit song in 14 years.
It's been 14 years since Sebastian left the band and he's still going strong.
So linger is an okay singer but he can't do justice to the original songs.

Ugly kid joe will be great to see live.
Posted by Paule - anonymous 2 years ago
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Is sebastian gonna be there? Honestly I'm 12 and I LOVE Skid Row to death and seeing Sebastian would be ahmazing and my mum would cry.. honestly and seeing Ashley Purdy (my everything) do a cover of I remember you was literally the most amazing thing but as much as I love him the original is way better if that song didn't exsist neither would I for many reasons thought I'd just put that out her
Posted by ashleyPurdysPorno - anonymous 2 years ago
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Sans means without so No Sebastian Bach performing! and bf is Booking Fee :)
Posted by Tashi Babi - anonymous 2 years ago
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Remember learning both these bands songs over 20 years ago, saw Skid row open for gnr in Auckland around then was axels birthday ,epic night.. Both bands have awesome guitarists can't wait
Posted by Stav - anonymous 2 years ago
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Would be great to see Skid Row but without Sebastian it just wont be right.Another band member perhaps but not the singer especially when his vocals were at least 50% of what made those songs great.
Posted by Marty - anonymous 2 years ago

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