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Video: Warpaint - 'Disco//Very' + 'Keep It Healthy'

Video: Warpaint - 'Disco//Very' + 'Keep It Healthy'

Tuesday 8th April, 2014 11:01AM

An almost seamless double-video has been unveiled for two tracks 'Disco//Very' and 'Keep It Healthy' from Warpaint's self-titled album released last year. Bass player Jenny Lee Lindberg said in a statement the dream pop group had a simple idea to tie the two videos together with skateboarding and enlisted the help of director and skateboarder Laban Pheidias to create the clip. The eight-minute video opens with 'Disco//Very' while the beguiling girls wander among the Hollywood Hills as skateboarder Justin Eldridge rides by. The switch to sweet track 'Keep It Healthy' sees the video go from day to night as the band head to a skatepark where Eldridge is joined by the rest of his crew. Check it out below...

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