Listen: Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine

Listen: Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine

Friday 20th June, 2014 2:32PM

English outfit Alt-J have are giving a taste of things to come with the release of new offering 'Hunger Of The Pine'. From the two-minute mark onwards, the sprawling single is dowsed with a sample of Miley Cyrus singing "I'm a female rebel", taken from her track '4x4'. According to keyboardist for the Leeds experimental indie group, Gus Unger-Hamilton, the song is composed of new spontaneous ideas that arose during writing sessions for their second album This Is All Yours, and signals a new sound for the group.  He goes on to explain the song saying, "The lyrics mainly suggest the idea that missing someone pining can be a physical pain much like hunger". This Is All Yours is due out late September, in the meantime take a listen to 'Hunger Of The Pine' below...

Update: the Soundcloud link has expired, but here's the since-released video instead...

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Amazing track. Hope they extend their tour to New Zealand...
Posted by Seraphim - anonymous 2 years ago

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