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Video: Ron Gallipoli - Getting Paid

Video: Ron Gallipoli - Getting Paid

Tuesday 8th July, 2014 9:21AM

Late last year Sharpie Crows singer Sam Bradford shared wry love ballad 'Fonterra (My Love)' under his solo moniker Ron Gallipoli, and he has now returned to unveil a video for 'Getting Paid'. The pulsing Kraut-inspired song came out a couple of months ago via Soundcloud but has recently been married to a grainy video created by Thom Burton (Moppy). Lyrically, Bradford again has embraced his sarcastic storytelling method, the track acting as a commentary on the dehumanisation of the poor, which is particularly relevant given the current political climate. Ron Gallipoli is performing later this month at the democratically-driven Give A F3!k Day with Males, Beach Pigs and more, in the meantime take a listen to 'Getting Paid' below...


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Fri 25th Jul
Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland