RIP Tommy Ramone

RIP Tommy Ramone

Monday 14th July, 2014 10:12AM

Tributes have been flooding the internet since news broke over the weekend that the last original member of highly influential punk rock band the Ramones has died. Drummer Tommy Ramone, whose birthname was Thomas Erdelyi, passed away at his home in Queens, New York, following unsuccessful treatment for bile duct cancer. He was aged 62.

Initially the group's manager, Erdelyi eventually ended up drumming for the Ramones after Joey Ramone struggled to keep up with the fever-pitch pace while singing at the same time. Erdelyi played the band's first three studio albums; their 1976 debut Ramones, and subsequent records Leave Home and Rocket to Russia (both 1977). He was replaced on drums in 1978 by Marky Ramone, but later featured on the band's first live album It's Alive and produced a handful of albums for the group.

Here's a video of the Ramones playing an early gig at the legendary CBGB's...

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Tommy was my dearest and oldest friend.
We grew up together in Forest Hills Queens New York.
I went to Stephen A Halsey Jr High and Forest Hills High school with him.
He got me to pick up the bass guitar and enter into the crazy world of rock music.
We played in several bands together (Triad & Butch) here in NYC over the late 60's and early 70's.
We built and managed Performance Studios in NYC, a recording/rehearsal studio the Ramones started in. I worked with him when he was in the Ramones and well after he left.
He had an advanced musical foresight, well ahead of the times in forming and being part of the Ramones. He was a great musician on the guitar, then the drums, later on the mandolin, banjo, fiddle and many more instruments. His musical expanse bridged from Punk to Indie Bluegrass.
I mourn the passing of the last of the original Ramones, my friend and a true musical visionary.

Monte A. Melnick
Posted by Monte A. Melnick - anonymous 2 years ago

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