Interview: Yumi Zouma

Interview: Yumi Zouma

Monday 11th August, 2014 1:55PM

Yumi Zouma was formed last year by three Christchurch natives who make beautiful dream-pop songs, despite currently being in three different corners of the planet. The trio, made up of friends Charlie Ryder, John Burgess and Kim Pflaum, assemble their music by passing pieces of songs back-and-forth through the internet, a process that they have refined to the point where they can't imagine doing it any other way.

Their catchy alt-pop tracks snagged the attention of international label Casine, and had signed up before ever even playing a show together. Their first joint performance was back in June in the Darkroom bar in the trio's hometown and saw the group playing to a packed out crowd. We had a chat with Ryder about how that first show went, and some of the benefits of being a band separated by the globe...

Click here to read the full interview with Charlie from Yumi Zouma.

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