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Stream Skymning's New EP 'Rekindle'

Stream Skymning's New EP 'Rekindle'

Tuesday 19th August, 2014 9:09AM

Wellington-based bedroom producer Skymning has released his enchanting EP Rekindle. Skymning (which means 'dusk' in Swedish) started making electronic music back around 2011 and uses the lush sounds of his natural environment, buoyant percussion and tape manipulation to build up ambient tracks that are layered with texture. One of the EP highlights is 'In The Morning' featuring the ethereal vocals of Charlotte Forrester. Rekindle is the latest in a string on online offerings from the producer, who is connected with the Kerosene Comic Book Collective, and is working on a physical release for the future. In the meantime enjoy Rekindle below...

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