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Stream Cheats' New Album 'Funky Asthmatic'

Stream Cheats' New Album 'Funky Asthmatic'

Friday 28th November, 2014 11:52AM

Cheats, the solo project of Lawrence Fergus Goodwin, has unveiled a new six-track album. Goodwin has his fingers in plenty of pies, including working under the moniker Career Girls and also being one-third of local group Caroles. But he brings something completely different to the table with Funky Asthmatic, by blending together echoing vocals, electronic ramblings, textured guitar riffs, percussion that oscillates between anarchic and organised, and even some saxophone and flute has ben thrown into the mix. Listen to the album below and head over to Bandcamp to pick it up... 

Cheats is playing at the Team Ugly End-Year Send-Off tomorrow with Piece War and The Biscuits at the Audio Foundation. Head over here for more details.


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Sat 29th Nov
Audio Foundation, Auckland