Interview: Mac DeMarco

Interview: Mac DeMarco

Monday 5th January, 2015 10:00AM

Oddball darling of the indie scene, Mac DeMarco started playing music in high school and made a name for himself with musical project Makeout Videotape. However it wasnít until the Canadian native moved to Montreal and signed with New York label Captured Tracks that he started to see some real success. Under the label he has released three solo albums of his unique crooner style slacker-rock. His first two albums Rock and Roll Night Club and 2 were both released back in 2012 and were received well by critics, but this yearís offering, Salad Days, has been a triumph worldwide. Now based in the Big Apple, itís fair to say that DeMarco has had a wild couple of years. He is known for his wacky videos and outrageous live shows which are described as ďraunchfestsĒ and often contain nudity. Later this month New Zealand-based fans will have a chance to experience DeMarco in his unfiltered glory as he visits our shores for the first time later this month to play Laneway Festival, so UnderTheRadar sat down with the tired sounding musician to talk about cigarettes, partying and why his mum is going to be a Laneway MC...

Click here to read the full interview with Mac DeMarco, and stream Salad Days below...

Mac DeMarco is playing at Laneway Festival in Auckland on 26th January. Head over here for the full line up.

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