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Album Review + Stream: Surf City - Jekyll Island

Album Review + Stream: Surf City - Jekyll Island

Tuesday 17th March, 2015 10:01AM

One of the great things about Surf Cityís last record (2013ís We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This) was its knack of being able to marry so many elements of shoegaze, pop and psych-rock into a completed offering that kept the extremes of each genre from distorting the final product. Against this backdrop, singer Davin Stoddardís observational and often cutting lyricism lent the record a weight that betrayed its sunburnt veneer. A couple of years on, the Auckland-based but globally known band have been afforded the time and space to record follow up album, Jekyll Island. So whatís changed?...

Click here to read Paul Larsen's full review, and stream the album in its entirety below...

Jekyll Island is set for official release on Friday 20th March through Fire Records


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