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Video: Two Cartoons - Dreams

Video: Two Cartoons - Dreams

Tuesday 7th July, 2015 11:50AM

A spot of maniacal cake baking takes centre stage in the new video from ex-pat duo Two Cartoons. The clever clip has been cooked up to accompany the London-based pair's deceptively dark single 'Dreams', which they shared last month as they prepare to release their debut album Happiness is Trouble.

Bandmember Bradley Craig says they were pretty hands off in the creation of the video, largely letting the director Jori Teplitzky run wild. "We showed her loads of references we liked from 70's VHS videos and Isaac had been talking a lot about a deranged birthday party, so this video is a riff off that but she took it in a slightly different direction," he explains. "We wanted it to also be a little bit off kilter because the song sounds melancholic but is dark in the lyrical meaning.... a bit like the main character." Feast your eyes on the video below...


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