Misfits Return To New Zealand For Three Shows

Misfits Return To New Zealand For Three Shows

Wednesday 22nd July, 2015 11:00AM

Legendary horror punk act Misfits are heading back to New Zealand at the end of the year for three shows. The December concerts will see the American trio performing tracks from their classic albums Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood (1983) and Static (recorded 1978, released 1997). Last time the group was on these shores was early 2014, so if you missed them then definitely make sure you catch them this time round. Here are the details...

The Misfits

Thursday 3rd December, Allen Street Rock Club, Christchurch
Friday 4th December, Bar Bodega, Wellington
Saturday 5th December, The Studio, Auckland

Tickets available from Monday 27th July HERE at UTR

Here is Misfits performing 'Die Die My Darling' from Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood...

And here is a clip for 'Bullet' from Static Age, which was released in 1997...


The Misfits
Performing their classic albums STATIC AGE and EARTH AD

“Almost from the second THE MISFITS take to the stage a mess of frenzied moshing breaks out front-and-centre, and the energy doesn't let up for ninety minutes.” The AU Review

‘One Heck Of A Ghouls Night Out”

From hell they came… in April 1977 at the dawn of the punk movement, the Misfits were born. They wound up making history and creating a legacy that has truly withstood the test of time. 30 years on THE MISFITS are generating more interest than ever before.

To celebrate this significant tombstone, THE MISFITS are going to fill your Christmas stockings with ghoulish delight because December’s exclusive Australia/ New Zealand tour will feature STATIC AGE and EARTH AD in full.

“If you ever have the chance to see them live, do it. It’s a decision you won’t regret and a performance that will last with you for your entire life.” The 59th Sound

Bands across the ages have paid tribute to THE MISFITS including Guns ʻn Roses, My Chemical Romance, Prong, NOFX, Cradle Of Filth, Sick of It All and Metallica who covered no less than three MISFITS songs on "Garage Days Revisited". The iconic "Fiend Skull", which was once crudely painted on their equipment, leather jackets and everything they could get their hands on, has since become a staple in pop culture, and an instantly recognizable symbol worldwide.

“There are many bands in the world that are on that bucket list of bands that you must see… and horror punk legends Misfits are definitely on that list.” The Rockpit

STATIC AGE features the band’s earliest work including all time classics such as ‘Attitude’, ‘We Are 138’ and ‘Last Caress’. Their second album EARTH AD features “Die Die My Darling”, “Green Hell” and “Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight”. But if that’s not enough raw meat to gorge yourself upon, you can bet you’ll be well satisfied with THE MISFITS Christmas cheer of “Astro Zombies”, “Hybrid Moments”, “Where Eagles Dare” and “Skulls”.

“Misfits started it all. They are the true pioneers.” Get Shot Magazine

“When fans come to a Misfits show, they get a band who gets up there and gives them all they’ve got. We give them the real thing - that’s how we’ve always done it. At a show, everyone's just part of the band, there's no them and us - we're all us.” Jerry Only – THE MISFITS

The Misfits have been preserved on determination bound by unequaled loyalty to their fans and the sheer will to survive. The ferocity and melody that has made the Misfits omnipresent and immortal sees the band continue to sell out shows and draw thousands of fans night after night around the globe.

So come on out Fiends – All hell will break loose when the kings of horror-rock drag humanity by the throat into a world of darkness filled with ghouls, goblins and creatures of the night. Move over Saint Nick, because when THE MISFITS are in town every day is Halloween!

“The band gave punters everything they paid for: a whole lot of blood, sweat, fire and brimstone, just the way they know how.” Spotlight Report

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This might be my third time to see them...oh why the hell not...
Posted by carrion park 1 year ago
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Without Glenn Danzig, it's not really the misfits is it. What the press release fails to mention is that all the influential stuff was written by and sung by Danzig. The band originally split up because Jerry Only wanted to form a christian band. So in effect this incarnation of the band is at best a covers band. But what the hell, might go anyway!
Posted by Beelezebubbles - anonymous 1 year ago
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I agree the Misfits is Danzig period! Both Static age & Earth ad are all Glenn's work not Jerrys.
This line up is so removed from the original or even the '95 reformed version with Doyle & Graves on vocals. It's a shame if younger fans of this band don't know the history. That being said this is NZ you take what's given. So will be interesting but this a Misfits cover band featuring Jerry Only.
Posted by dps - anonymous 1 year ago
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Who's the band's playing before them ?
Posted by binbear - anonymous 1 year ago
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Yeah one thing all media writeups fail to add is the main creater Glen Danzig dosnt even front them,sumone just plays his part!It's different when sumone creates their own place in a band who also writes great lyrics earns their cred in a band Like Trujulios bass playing role in Metallica there and don't hide to sell tickets!
Posted by Daubster - anonymous 1 year ago
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What crap Jerry Only is a founding member - sure he didn't sing most of the lead vocals originally but how can you even compare his place to that of Rob Trujillo? Rob is not a founding member of Metallica, hes on one album. Jerry's place in the MISFITS is indisputable - he formed the band!! Granted Danzig was a huge part of MISFITS but the other guys were screwed out of songwriting credits and actually contributed a lot to the songs and were never credited, theres been all sorts of lawsuits about it...Danzig wants nothing to do with the Misfits or their songs and has never cared..Sure I'd like to see the original band but its never gonna happen,and least Jerry is keeping the music alive...
Posted by Dan - anonymous 9 months ago

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