Album Review
Emotional Mugger

Emotional Mugger
by Ty Segall

Drag City

Review Date
17th February 2016
Reviewed by
Oliver Gaskell

Upon listening to the opening tracks of Ty Segallís new record Emotional Mugger, fans of the prolific garage rockerís work will be pleasantly unsurprised. Known for his work ethic as much as his skewed take on 60s and 70s psychedelia, classic rock, and metal, Segall generally draws from a familiar sonic palette of overdriven fuzz guitars, pounding bass and crashing drums, often releasing multiple albums each year.

Whilst Emotional Mugger may initially sound like Segall is treading the same old ground, the album is truly his most experimental and exciting yet. Semi-title track ĎEmotional Mugger / Leopard Priestessí features Segallís trademark fuzz over a dubby krautrock beat, fleshed out with spacey prog rock synth. Meanwhile album closer ĎThe Magazineí resembles early Melvins with its sinister, hypnotic groove and emphasis on a booming, repetitive drum beat. And ĎBaby Big Man (I Want A Mommy)í sounds like the title of a Frank Zappa or Captain Beefheart oddity, and also echoes those fearless freaks musically, with some 80s video game synth thrown in for good measure.

Itís an absolute pleasure to hear Segall exploring new territory, especially after so many albums such as 2014ís Manipulator, which albeit great, often worshipped classic rockís pantheon at the expense of Segallís own musical development and identity. Itís easy to pick out musical reference points whilst listening to Emotional Mugger; however Segall mixes them up in new and thrilling ways Ė showing his potential to join the greats instead of merely imitating them.


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