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Album Review

by Goat

Rocket Recordings / Sub Pop

Review Date
2nd November 2017
Reviewed by
James Wilmore

While Goatís second album Commune (2014) was very much a continuation of the ideas on their 2012 debut World Music, their new full-length offering sees these mystery Swedes take an interesting turn. Requiem weaves folk and acoustic sounds into their established brand of multicultural psych-funk - but it is quieter, slower, and although some of Goatís trademark fuzz appears on occasion, the album benefits from the more dynamic instrumental arrangements on offer.

Opening track 'Djorolen / Union of Sun and Moon' and first single 'I Sing In Silence' introduce this quieter approach with acoustic string and wind instruments. That being said, Requiem isnít entirely quiet; the psychedelic freakout moments are still here (check out 'Goatband' and 'Alarms'), but there is an enthralling contrast between the softer and heavier moments that gives Requiem a unique and distinctive texture.

The rhythm sectionís Afrobeat worship is as present as ever and the ensemble still works their hypnotic and mesmerising melodies into the mix with wild exuberance. This is Goatís first double LP, and the additional length has given the band more room to breathe and flesh out their ideas. The Goat on Requiem is a certainly a matured animal, but is in no way less charming, ceremonious or alluring.


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