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Album Review

by Lorde

Lava / Republic

Review Date
27th June 2017
Reviewed by
Oliver Gaskell

It feels like an understatement to say that Melodrama is the most anticipated, and hyped release of 2017.

It’s testament to Lorde’s singular talent and genuine virtuosity that she doesn’t crumble under the pressure, let alone that she manages to exceed the highs of her debut Pure Heroine, one of pops most unique and celebrated releases of the last decade.

Opening with lead single ‘Green Light’, we get a taste of the new textures, production style and song craft of Melodrama, whilst still retaining the core qualities of Pure Heroine – slick beats, euphoric choruses and relatable but poetic lyrics.

From the rush of ‘Green Light’ things get a little more melancholy, expertly expressing the themes of Melodrama – love, heartbreak, escapism, self-destruction and ultimately self-realisation. The multi part suite of 'Hard Feelings/Loveless' perfectly captures the bipolar rollercoaster of a relationship coming to an inevitable end – the push and pull between the thrill and the fear of finding yourself alone. And just when things threaten to get a little too melancholy, 'Perfect Places' takes the record back the euphoria of 'Green Light', travelling from a relationship breaking down to the realisation that the only way out is through and that escapism can only get you so far.

On Melodrama, Lorde has found a perfect place for her muse, joining forces with collaborators who understand her vision of being a 20-something in a difficult and unforgiving world, capturing both lyrically and musically the emotional and psychological journey of love and loss in 2017.

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