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Album Review
Something To Tell You

Something To Tell You
by Haim


Review Date
7th July 2017
Reviewed by
Oliver Gaskell

Haim’s debut album Days Are Gone was most definitely a breakout success, many years in the making, the record blended key elements of pop, rock and R&B acts from the last four decades with modern production techniques and a whole lot of charisma.

Like their debut, Haim’s sophomore record Something To Tell You has been long gestating, but unfortunately the album doesn’t benefit from such a lengthy development process. Whilst Days Are Gone was an example of pitch perfect pop, as many hyped indie acts know all too well, lightning simply doesn’t strike twice – especially if you stay in the same place.

Something To Tell You is a solid and well-constructed album, with many killer tracks and instrumental flourishes, but as universally ‘good’ as it seems, it’s obvious that the band haven’t stepped too far out of their comfort zone. The sisters still have a knack for excellent pop singles, ‘Little Of Your Love’ is a gem, catchy as hell with a thumping beat, beautiful harmonies and just the right touch of tasteful 80s guitar licks. Likewise lead track ‘Want You Back’ showcases a euphoric, funky R&B influenced take on well-worn themes of lost love.

Elsewhere on the album tracks like ‘Ready For You’ there just isn’t enough of the personality and unique identity of their debut, which although derivative had enough freshness and enthusiasm to succeed on its own terms.

On Something To Tell You, Haim have little new to say, and it’s hard not to wonder why it took four years to get it out.


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