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Kendall Elise EP Release

Tour Information
Kendall Elise celebrates the release of her debut EP I Didn't Stand a Chance (out 24th March) with friends at The Wine Cellar.


Songs writing themselves beamed from deep within the craft floating in dark matter voids, the unheard whispering of surrounding ghosts, these are the songs that gather together in a bloodthirsty schoolyard circle and chant Fight!...Fight!...Fight!

Will Saunders is a hardworking musician writing, recording, producing and performing his music at every opportunity, backed up by his releases which include two full length solo albums and six EP's.

Music for midnight drunks and the brokenhearted

Since moving from Wellington up to Auckland, Tom has managed to share the stage with the likes of Wagons, Hopetoun Brown, Will Wood, Bernie Griffen, Skyscraper Stan and Holly Arrowsmith.

Tom has played big old festivals like the Auckland Folk Festival and the Southern Fork Americana Fest.

The fastest ass in the West

A wildly innovative and captivating performer, Amourous Ava enjoys performing both neo style and classic burlesque. As characters ranging from Teenwolf to Mexican Wrestler to 1950s beauty, Amourous Ava sparkles like a bathtub full of champagne and sends fur flying. Well known and highly decorated in the New Zealand burlesque scene, Ava will be debuting a brand new act choreographed especially for this show.

Early bird tickets can be purchased from Under The Radar for $10 or will be $15 on the night.