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8Foot Felix

Tour Information
Maverick, whimsical and anchored tight, 8Foot Felix’s magical brand of dancing music is crafted from gypsy, ska and funk roots, spiced with the salty taste of sea shanties and vibrant splashes of hip-hop and blues. Every gig is an epic journey that frays the fabric of time and space, and stirs the crowd to their soles. The Felix has gained a reputation for setting dancefloors on fire!

April 22nd at Leigh Sawmill will be the 3rd and final gig of 8Foot Felix's mini NZ-Tour with fellow Melbourne band Blunderbuss.

Blunderbuss carve out beats and breaks and pops and drops, keeping it real with the live brass and vocals of Jones and Jackson while Mr Manifold brings mad skillz on the decks.

And 8Foot Felix and Blunderbuss are feeling properly warm and fuzzy about joining forces with DJ Chica Licorica and Gaia Tribe Events for this mini tour. Their presence promises lush decor, theatrics and beats to envelope the night in wonder!