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Wellington Jazz Festival: The Revolutionary Arts Ensemble

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Imagine a strange, parallel universe where Brötzmann’s latest release is in the Top 40 and Coltrane is played on Radio Hauraki’s No Repeat Fridays. This Hasting’s septet could be a weird version of Brooker T and the MG’s in that noisy universe.

Seven-piece ensemble The Revolutionary Arts Ensemble has been playing in one form or another for about 10 years. This stellar lineup of Hawkes Bay’s creative talent is led by soaring tenor sax player and Albert Ayler (the avant-garde sax-man) devotee Anton Wuts performing alongside Rosie Langabeer (trombone), Vinnie Beaumont (guitar), Willie Devine (keys), Adrian Thornton (bass), Max Parks (drums), and Joe Dobson (drums).

Presented in association with Momo

Wellington Jazz Festival is on from June 7-11.