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Spike Fuck - Smackwave Tour

Tour Information
Following the release of ‘The Smackwave EP’, Melbourne-based solo artist Spike Fuck has attracted a cult-following with just four songs. Described as ‘One of the most significant releases out of Australia last year’, Spike Fuck earned number one on the Noisey 100 with her single ‘Guts’.
‘Smackwave’, a title that also describes Spike’s own invented genre, is a blend of late 80s new wave and late 70s post-punk, a dash of country music/singer-songwriter sensibilities delivered in Las Vegas Ballroom karaoke vocal style.

Spikes ability to spin beauty from the grisly—death, drug addiction, and the complexity of being transgender—is remarkable, and somehow manages to catch and then untangle the completely fucking mystifying experience of being alive at this particular point in time.” -Noisey

Catch her live at the following dates:

Spike Fuck ‘Smackwave’ NZ North Island Tour

3rd June, Borderline Music Festival, Whammy, Auckland
5th June, Pyramid Club, Wellington w/ WOMB + SUNGRL
7th June, Audio Foundation, Auckland w/ Ducklingmonster + Ragged Veins + lskse

Tickets from UTR, Flying Out, RPM and Slow Boat.