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The Bent Folk

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Where other acts wander toward tradition, the Bent Folk explore a psychedelic and slightly weather-worn field, along a melancholic path forged such black sheep as Galbraith, Neville, Noone, and Funke.

Comprised of renaissance-man Dick Whyte (Dick Whytes Golden Guitar,Supercomposer), the rolling rhythms of Hellen ORourke (Draghound), and the bittersweet wails of Rupert Hunter (Unsanitary Napkin, Downer Buzz), the Bent Folk deftly smuggle folk forms into a precarious present, where duration, timbre, and instrumentation are teased free from tradition to flow and drip in viscous drifts of sonic-molasses.

Despite their first release coming via Epic Sweep way back in 2013, this will be the Bent Folks first ever show outside of Wellington.

Saturday 23rd September, Audio Foundation, 8.00pm
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The Bent Folk (wtn)
The Biscuits
Oksun Ox
Big Fat Raro

Sunday 24th September, Audio Foundation, 6.00pm

Dick Whyte (wtn)
Rupert Hunter (wtn)