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Two Cartoons 'Hospitality' Single Release

Tour Information
EARLY SHOW // 7PM - 9.30PM

Love live music but also love a good night’s sleep' Are you banned from enjoying performed sounds because you’re too young to consume an intoxicating liquid' As TWO CARTOONS we are pleased as punch to announce a special RELEASE SHOW for our new pop single ‘HOSPITALITY’ that’s perfect for you (and everyone else too).

To celebrate the first single from our upcoming EP ‘THE GREAT BRITISH HANGOVER’ we are putting on an EARLY SHOW for ALL AGES at LOWTIDE in St. Kevins Arcade. It has been our goal to offer live music to people who can’t, or don’t want to, experience LOCAL MUSIC late at night in bars. We have a suspicion that it may breed an increasingly safe and fun environment for the crowd as well. To that end, we have enlisted some amazing friends to entertain you alongside us.

THE NAENAE EXPRESS are driving a pop train straight to the top. They are rampaging across New Zealand, conducted by Scott Kendall with a rotating cast of musical magicians packing hybrid coal made up of equal parts Pavement and Ewen Chatfield. This steam powered behemoth is going to clear the rope like McCullum at the 20/20 World Cup. All aboard!

OH BOY! Are the astrophysicists of the Auckland music scene, making something out of nothing. The two-piece band take the building blocks of their instruments and crash them together at the speed of light to form wonderful new shapes. They are the Large Hadron Collider and their songs are the ‘Higgs Boson’.