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1,000,000% Certified, Grade A++++++++

A head-exploding, feel G(())(())D, rollercoasting, tempeh roasting, no frills boasting, night of soul music...

Troy Kingi is a gifted ma fucker who is a poet and all round beautiful guy/bear/angel.

Electric Wire Hustle will perform their only shows for the year.

Borrowed cs is the illest detroit techno producer on earth.

We also have Mark Vanilau who is my favourite singer songwriter in NZ, fckn heartbreaking songs so be ready to cry.

Bring your mother and your nephew and we'll all get something out of it I promise X

- Mara TK

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Meow, Wellington Sat, 10th Feb Buy
Blue Smoke, Christchurch Fri, 23rd Feb Buy
Totara St., Tauranga Fri, 2nd Mar Buy