Liam Finn

Liam Finn

About Liam Finn from Auckland

Liam Finn is such a dynamic performer that a biker gang once forced him to play all night. Luckily, his more recent gigs have been less intimidating: The twenty-four-year-old has toured with Crowded House, his dad Neil Finn's band, over the past year while also recording his gorgeous folk-rock solo album, I'll Be Lightning.

Recorded with a mixing deck that once belonged to The Who, I'll Be Lightning melds Elliott Smith-style melodies with loosey-goosey execution and the big, airy harmonies of yacht rock. Finn plays every instrument on the album and during live shows. Triggering loops he creates via pedals, he'll riff on guitar, go nuts on theremin and pummel a drum kit for a one-man-band extravaganza. "The aesthetic is DIY, leaving the woolly edges," he explains.

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Jayson Norris, Manic Baby Dolls, Lontalius, Meech Brothers
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Its true, i am a genius!

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Genius? Really??

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