About Twinset from Wellington

Twinset plays a style of music which originated in America in the 1960s, and was pioneered by legendary Hammond organists like Jimmy Smith and Big John Patton, and the people they played with such as saxophonist Lou Donaldson and drummer Idris Muhammad. The sound is characterized by the pulsing organ bass wich Christopher plays with his left hand, rich textural chords played with his right, and a driving R+B style beat provided by Paul. The music has a large improvisational componant, with both Christopher and Daniel using the grooves as a vehicle for extended solo sections. This is feel good music and unlike some other types of jazz comes more from the heart than the head.
In music as with all art forms it is important not to just mimick those who have come before you, but to make your own statement. While Twinset are heavely influenced by those mentioned above, they also draw on their surroundings and the music of their peers in Wellington for inspiration. This is what gives Twinsetís music itís unique sound.

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