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Dylan Storey

About Dylan Storey from Auckland

Dylan Storey is an Auckland based musician who has become known in New Zealand for his psychedelic blues/country/rock guitar style. Currently playing with live band lineup mark 5, Dylan Storey and band have been playing a series of shows in 2009 including a nationwide tour. The third album "Out of the Soup" has been released and is now available in all good record stores. 'Out of the Soup' has been receiving outstanding reviews from several media sources in NZ. It was tracked at Black Dog studios and Capricious Studios, mixed at York st by Simon Gooding, Mastered at York st by Chris Winchcomb. It contains musical input from many local musicians including the incomparable Gareth Scott on drums and Clem White on bass. Lyrical content touches on such topics as Anti religion, kiwi troups in WWII, primordial evolution, non Euclidian space, colourful politicians, reckless drivers in expensive cars and self reflective existentialism. The track listing for 'Out of The Soup' is as follows:

1. Travelling Salesman .

2. Lies Make An Honest Man .

3. Sartre's Hell .

4. The Skies above Crete .

5. Footsteps Of Kings .

6. Out Of The Soup .

7. Sold It All Away .

8. Never Turn Your Back On The Sea .

9. The Tempest .

Previous Albums:

2006 - 'Bones' currently available at Real Groovy A collection of 10 songs with the 70s Blues/Rock sound characteristic of this band.

2005 - 'Up in the Rough' solo effort recorded in a bedroom.

The first Single off 'Bones', 'Luckyland' featured on the 95bfm top 10 and the Kiwi fm top 10.

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