Shocking Pinks

Shocking Pinks

About Shocking Pinks from Christchurch

The Shocking Pinks hail from Christchurch, New Zealand, and feature ex-members of The Brunettes and Solaa . Sounding like a cross between A Certain Ratio and My Bloody Valentine, they are also influenced by the New York sound of bands such as The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and the DFA Records label.The Shocking Pinks have quickly become renowned for their live sets which blur the lines between punk, funk and electro, or, as they prefer to describe it 'post-disco-dreampop-miseralbilism'.

Their critically acclaimed debut full length CD 'Dance The Dance Electric' is out now, and is available from all music stockists nationwide

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Flying Nun

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shit is full of

Posted by Sam Murray 4 years ago

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Shocking Pinks are a neo-nazi poedophile junkie band

Posted by freedom 4 years ago

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Ugh - the Shocking Pinks are shit sandwhich - its the truth. I mean, yeah - they've gotten attention from internet review sites in the US and even have distribution over there - but has anyone you have ever met actually listened to one of their recordings?? I mean the whole thing???

Also - their singer is all bullshit, he goes on about how he was basically a child prodigy on about 6 instruments but he's amateur (porn)...also he tells interviewers and his buddy's that he's moving to New York - but never actually does...

Posted by Phoenix2 4 years ago

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