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The Psychs
are a rock group from Auckland, New Zealand, formed by former lead singer of The Electric Confectionaires, Jaisi Sheehan. The group began performing live gigs in August 2010. Band members include Jaisi Sheehan (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar), Johnny Lyon (lead guitar), Simon Davenport (bass guitar) and Luke Scott (drums).

The Psychs' blend of pop-laden hooks and 60s influences made them an instant hit with crowds and critics. They held the top spot on the 95bFM chart for lengthy periods with their first two singles, "Roaches" and "Gee I". In January 2011 the band were named in the line-up for the bFM Summer Series alongside Die Die Die and The Naked and Famous.

The Psychs' debut EP Roaches was released on March 9, 2011. A limited-edition run of 250 self-released physical copies were made available for sale. It is also available for sale digitally via iTunes. The band opted for a lo-fi, 60s sound, experimenting with early Motown recording techniques. The EP includes rerecorded versions of their number one 95bFM hits "Roaches" and "Gee I". It was recorded and mixed by Andrew Brereton who also recorded the earlier demo versions of "Roaches" and "Gee I".

Hot on the heels of the Roaches EP, The Psychs' released the Double A-Side Single Hey Girl/This Dance on May 12, 2011.

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