Vital Clue

Vital Clue

About Vital Clue from Auckland

Vital Clue is a 5 piece Hard Rock band from South Auckland. Formed when Adam, Mike and Alex stumbled upon singer Johan thanks to our Fuel Set mate Joseph in June 2005.

After a few jams we decided we liked what we were coming up with and wrote about 5 songs. Now all we were missing was that heavy low end rumble that makes a band sound like a steam roller. Enter Argie. After getting Arg familiar with the songs we had already completed we wrote a couple more and started thinking about where to go from there. At the last minute we entered battle of the bands, and decided on a name after an hour of frantic txting. The result was derived from the heading of a news paper that Mike was reading at work (instead of working). And so we were to be called Vital Clue.

Our sound comes from talents of Adam and his notoriously phat drum kit, Args homemade refrigerator sized bass rig, Mikes skinny speedy fingers, Alexs heavy handed meathead riffs and Yowies vocals - which are warmed up every night before practice with about 6 Big Macs, large fries, a sundae, and a large coke (hold the ice) to wash it all down...

We like to play Hard Rock music and our live shows are often comented on as being "very energetic" and we can be found playing around New Zealand wherever anyone will put up with us.

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