About Module from Wellington

Module is the electronic/music project of NZ musician
Jeramiah Ross. Module is all performed 100% live with computers,
samplers and synths/ yes its all live, no turntables or CDJs in sight.
Its all about the music, a good show and having a goodtime.

Module also uses visuals all MIDI synced up to provide a dynamic real time performance of Audio/Visual goodness.

Musically Module explores a broad spectrum of styles from
Electro, Drum and Bass, Synth-pop/rock, and Electronica in the live
environment along with downbeat, dub, ambient and classical music in
his recorded output.

Jeramiah also composes classical based music on the Acoustic
Piano which he has been playing/performing since he was 4 years old.
Jeramiah Also produces music for Film, Television commercials &
Video-Game soundtracks.

Module/Jeramiah released his debut album ‘Remarkable engines’ late
2005 to NZ critical acclaim, and has spent the last 2 years touring New
Zealand & Overseas. At the moment, Module is focused on live
performances. and right now is working on his live album/Open Source Project PATTERN DOT LIFE the second double album. IMAGINEERING &BENEATH A CALM SURFACE. & Producing Electro NZ Band Charlie Ash.

Jeramiah as a musician has performed in Fly My Pretties, with Rhombus, The Blush Response and with good friend Rhian Sheehan

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