Bond Street Bridge

Bond Street Bridge

About Bond Street Bridge from Auckland

Sam Prebble is a multi-instrumentalising, alternative-historicising, sometimes even mesmerising writer and performer of songs. Even if the songs are in the first person sometimes, they're not about him, because that wouldn't be very interesting, would it That would be like some guy at a party who wants you to know about his day. The Bond Street Bridge Band is whoever Sam's working with. Sometimes it's people, sometimes it's an antique tape echo machine, sometimes it's historical figures from the town of Ruby. Sometimes it's a gremlin-infested computer with funny ideas. The town of Ruby is situated on the west coast of the South Island of the Dominion of New Zealand. It's a place with a higher than average incidence of murder and mayhem, which tends to make it attractive from a songwriting perspective.

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Monkey Records

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