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About Rapture Ruckus from Wellington

Sitting in the control room of Vertical Studios, Rapture - aka Brad Dring - finds himself filling the demanding roles of rapper, engineer and artist as he masterminds the brand new album, I Believe. Seven months in production, but over six years in the making, I Believe explodes from the stage and the stereo with a unique blend of hooky, high-energy rap, and heavy riff-driven guitars. With a strong New Zealand fan-base, Rapture Ruckus have been turning heads around the globe, with LA hip-hop guru Brian Gardner (Eminem, Dr Dre, etc) mastering the final cut.

From stadium-sized anthems in the form of "Lose control" and "Feight train", to the emotive power of the title track, I Believe draws upon years of musical experience and the struggles of daily life, to become an album that unusually for the rap genre, is relevant, perceptive and refreshingly unique. The stage is set for Brad Dring to take his message to a world that desperately needs it. Do you believe

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