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Street Chant

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Street Chant (formerly Mean Street) aren't slouches. A teenage education via the 1990s grunge compilation called "The Trip" learned them good. They know what being a heavy guitar pop trio is all about. Turn it up loud, hit the distortion pedal and get to the point. Smart but economical. If there is an Auckland underground, then they have driven a bulldozer through the middle of it. They are one of this towns best live bands and have notched up a couple of b-Net hits with "You Do The Math" and "Scream Walk". According to many, including Under the Radar, their forthcoming album is one of the most anticipated for 2010.

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Arch Hill Recordings

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I luv u guys!!!!!!!

Posted by T-Bone anonymous 2 years ago

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Plz Plz Plz come to CHCH!!!!

Posted by Nevermind19 3 years ago

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This band would have to pay me to watch them again , what a disgrace surporting a legendary band like "The Fall" -

Posted by Flipper_NZ 3 years ago

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Hi Billie...heard the band for the first time on night time National radio last Tuesday...sat in the car til the song ended to hear who it was...bloody amazing!! Well done!

Posted by dick frizzell anonymous 3 years ago

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billy is hot

Posted by anonymous 3 years ago

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im looking forward to this friday at whammy

Posted by herms 5 years ago

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yeh mean street fucking rule man, best new nz band I reckon, loving that shit mofos!

Posted by pigshit 5 years ago

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fucking choice at the fancy new band gig last night!
give me more!

Posted by rod 5 years ago

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