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god bows to math

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Every tour is a long march for god bows to math, having spent their four years as a band fighting a guerilla campaign in support of the do-it-yourself ethic. The three members of the group; Martin Phillips, Thomas Morrison and Sam Cussen make up a triumvirate with ideals as hard-nosed as their walls of noise, firing from the hip in a display of intensive methodology: just see the half a dozen releases already put under their name or the 100+ plus shows they’ve played around the country. With their latest endeavour, a self-titled, début full-length, god bows to math are marking their territory as the most developed reputation in noise rock in New Zealand. Soon it will be overseas - Australia is next, and the world beyond can only wait.

To pay their debts to their sonic affiliation, god bows to math had their album mastered by the hallowed Chicago Mastering Service - known for past involvement of bands from Sebadoh to Nirvana. These flourishes garnered the album, and the band, critical accalaim; with Undertheradar.co.nz calling the album a “triumph..a very good album from a band at the top of their game”. True enough to the roots of the band, the real underground zines, independent radio stations and hospitable couches around the country are with them all the way. Music is more than a patty glamour ride - it is a lifestyle that god bows to math will continue to live and breath day in and day out.

god bows to math may be the most dangerous band making the rounds on the New Zealand tour circuit, so miss out at your own risk.” - The Groove Guide


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