Elliot Brown

Elliot Brown

About Elliot Brown from Auckland

Elliot Brown (the Candyland Candy Captain) comes from the deep north of the north island of New Zealand. He is 23 years old and writes and records and performs his own songs with the help of some of his talented friends. Elliot Brown (Candyland Candy Captain) is also a member of the swampcore band The Stomps and plays in various cover bands to fund his alcoholism and nicotine addiction. If you see him in the street give him a cigarette sandwich. He's a regular song-and-dance-man.


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Blutfleck, The Boxcar Rattle
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when can i see you play next mr.brown

Posted by segatron 4 years ago

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Yay for camping in the shack!

Posted by evalunar 4 years ago

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Good rocking Mr Brown

Posted by cybiont 4 years ago

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Kia Ora!

Posted by thebrothersrifle 5 years ago

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"When does the weather come clear? When does the son get big around here?" Seems like he is right now! ;)

Posted by ciggypop 5 years ago

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hell yeah!

Posted by mattyearbook 5 years ago

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