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Tidal Waves - 7"

Tidal Waves

Etch Recordings


Tidal Waves 7"


This music is called rock and roll and itís for your own good.

Wilberforces/Etch are pleased to announce the availability of Aucklands Wilberforces debut vinyl release, Tidal Waves.

For those whoíve had the chance to be swept up in a Wilberforces show at some smelly dive in AK, or the recent Camp a Low Hum youíll be able to recollect your nights with this luscious 7Ē vinyl featuring take home Tidal Waves and Psychik Shok, some of the rawest and confronting rock n roll in almost forever.

This record is music for your car, in your headphones, at you workplace [WILBERFORCES recommend this personally], or your girlfriendís boyfriendís friendís cousinís pre-school ball function where you have to meet peoples parents that ask you what youíre doing next year. So you can turn their nice stereo up to eleven, and mouth ďWhat Sorry, I canít hear you!Ē


    Tidal Waves
    Psychic Shok

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