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Big Hair - 7"

Big Hair

Kato Records


Big Hair 7"

Ape Management

Ape Management formed in 1994 and released the Big Hair 7" in 1996.

A bit about the band and record thanks to Andrew Schmidt - Mysterex

"Saw these guys at The Frisbee Lounge in Auckland not long after this - their only single - was released. The semi-legal Frisbee Lounge being a short lived venue in an old bank on Symonds Street near where Kurtz Lounge would later be. The building also housed Frisbee Studio and practice rooms as well as the living quarters of a number of reprobates.

You Really Lose Me (the flipside of Big Hair) stood out that night just as it stood on record. Ape Management performed. They didn't just stand there. I remember guitarist Dave Clarke in silky satin longs strutting his axe and a hippyish Brother Love on second guitar.

The drummer Ken E Bear had played in some Auckland based groups in the previous couple of years, but this was a Christchurch band which featured Morrissey lookalike (and artist) Rob Haakman (The Scuzzbuckets) and Wade Churton, although I'm not sure Wade played that night.

You Really Lose Me had a rock n roll power that was still not that common on record in New Zealand in the mid 1990s. It reminded me of amped up Kinks being not much more than an amazing riff separated by a naked almost acoustic middle eight, which created both power and tension."


    1. Big Hair
    2. Driven By Love
    3. You Really Lose Me

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